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Officers are elected by the members at the annual meeting of the department held on the fourth Thursday in January and take office in February. Elected offices include Chief, Deputy Chief, Assistant Chief, Battalion Chief, Captain, Assistant Captain, First Lieutenant, Second Lieutenant, Safety Officers, Training Officers, and Traffic Captain. The Chief can also appoint officers to oversee particular areas of the department’s operation such as EMS Captain, Rescue Captain, Rescue Dive Command, and Fire Prevention Officer. To be nominated to an officer’s position, members must have varying levels of NC certifications, department certifications, and years of experience in the department. We have been blessed by the dedication, judgement, and leadership ability of our past and current leaders.


Jason Myers

A member since 1998, Jason has held the position of Chief since 2013. He has also served as Training Officer, Captain, and Assistant Chief.

Deputy Chief

Benji McClamrock

Benji joined the department in 1998 and has held positions as Second Lieutentant, Assistant Captain, and Assistant Chief. He has been in his current office since 2010

Assistant Chief

Jonathan Crouse

Joining in 2002, Jonathan was elected to his current office in 2013. He has also served as Second Lieutenant, Assistant Captain, and Captain.

Battalion Chief

Scott Rudisill

After becoming a member in 1984, Scott served as First Lieutenant and Assistant Captain and was elected Chief in 1996. After stepping down from the Chief's office in 2009, he returned to the position of Captain and Deputy Chief. Scott has held his current office since 2015.


Halsey Hoosier

Halsey joined the department in 2011. Quickly rising through the ranks of Second Lieutenant, and Assistant Captain, he was elected to  Captain in 2017.

Assistant Captain

Lee Sawyer

Becoming a member in 2008, Lee has been Assistant Training Officer, and Second Lieutenant. He was elected to Assistant Captain in 2017.

First Lieutenant

Daniel Loflin

Joining in 2015, Dan served as Traffic Captain and is serving as First Lieutenant since 2017.

Second Lieutenant

Davin McDowell

A member since 2007. Davin has served as Traffic Captain. He became Second Lieutenant in 2017.

Safety Officer

Andy Lyndon

One of the departments longest serving active members. Andy became a member in 1981. After serving as Training Officer, Assistant Safety Officer, Assistant Chief, and Deputy Chief, he accepted the office as Chief in 2010. He has been  in his position since 2016.

Assistant Safety Officer

Michael Pittman

Since joining in 1990, Michael has occupied the offices of Training Officer, Safety Officer, Second Lieutenant, First Lieutenant, and Captain. He has served in his current capacity since 2016

Training Officer

Kevin Sink

Kevin joined in 1992, and has occupied his current office since 2011. He has also served as Assistant Training Officer

Assistant Training Officer

Lee Sawyer

Lee agreed to serve as Assistant Training Officer in addition to Assistant Captain in 2017.

Traffic Captain

Austyn Hobbs

Joining in 2014, Austyn is serving as an officer for the first time since 2017.